BUILD Conference Notes #3 – Keynote, part III – Windows 8 Hardware Etc

BUILD conference keynote, part III.  Windows 8 Hardware and other new features in Windows 8.  13 Sep 2011.

  • Michael Angiulo, Corp VP, Windows Planning and Ecosystem

  • Super fast boot times
  • 8-sec bootup on current in-market laptop

  • Service automatically checks for root kits – tons of new security features

  • New power state – Connected Standby – very low power
  • One-click power switch on tablet – instant on/off

  • Killer feature – instant on/off, just like iPad
  • ATOM and ARM-based systems

  • USB 3.0 – much faster than 2.0

  • Windows 8 supports 256TB drives
  • 4.7 TFlops computing power on killer 3-graphics card system.  (2500x original Cray)

  • Unreal engine and DX11

  • All of Windows 8 is built hardware accelerated graphics
  • Only 1 pixel of chrome around the outside of apps
  • Touch working across wide variety of systems
  • If a screen can run Windows 7, it can automatically run Windows 8

  • 1366 x 768 – can do side-by-side in Metro
  • Sensor API in Win 8

  • NFC (Near Field Communication) built-in (sensor), to recognize objects
  • HD web cam app

  • Win 8 tablet with 3G

  • Resume from Sleep as fast as you can open the lid
  • Thin laptops

  • PC is mostly battery

  • Samsung table PC – 5,000 in warehouse

  • Everyone at BUILD gets one of these
  • “Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC”

  • 2nd generation Core i5
  • Dual monitor
  • 11.6″ diagonal
  • Loaded with Developer Preview of Windows 8
  • Comes with tools, apps

  • Win 8 smaller/faster on widest range of hardware
  • Windows 8 on “professional platform”

  • New Task Manager

  • Apps go into Suspended state when you’re not looking at them

  • New Startup mods in Task Manager
  • Services tab
  • Run command line tool to make current set of settings a baseline for restore
  • Standard performance benchmarks; run suites of tests; compare over machines or over time
  • Remote Desktop

  • Touch enabling on remote session
  • Hyper-V, can run on Windows

  • VHDs, can mount as drives
  • New ribbon in Windows Explorer; new Up button

  • Desktop background can span multiple monitors
  • Can customize taskbar for each monitor separately – i.e. show icons only for apps on that monitor

  • Swap monitor, e.g. run Metro on one monitor, app on another
  • Type “cmd” in Metro, search opens automatically, shows you cmd.exe

  • Weather app

  • IE10 in Windows 8

  • All the normal keyboard/mouse works as usual
  • Can open app in either Metro panel or with normal Windows desktop frame
  • Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 3
  • Mulit-touch in IE10

  • Magnifier

  • Ease of Access – can make everything bigger
  • Thumb-by-Thumb keyboard layout

  • Ink / Pen

  • All personal settings roam

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