BUILD Conference Notes #4 – Keynote, part IV – Windows Live

BUILD conference keynote, part IV.  Windows 8 and Windows Live.  13 Sep 2011.

Chris Jones.

  • InBox, multiple accounts

  • Share calendars

  • Connected address book

  • Photos – photos from various places

  • SkyDrive – accessible to developers
  • Connect devices via Live – e.g. navigate hard drive
  • Tunneling via Live ID
  • Sharing photos via mail

  • Connected contact list

  • SkyDrive via web site, access to all connected devices

  • Windows Phone 7.5, SkyDrive stuff

  • New Acer touch screen PC with Touch

  • Live apps are all written as new HTML5 Metro apps

  • Hundreds of other features in Windows 8 we haven’t yet seen
  • Sample apps

  • Teams built apps in 10 weeks
  • 17 teams, 2-3 devs per team, 10 weeks
  • College interns built all of the sample apps
  • Here are some of the interns

  • Hmm, intern said “turn on their Slate”
  • Steven, with more to say

  • Windows 8 Developer Preview – pre-release – Visual Studio 11 Express, Blend 5
  • Next milestone Beta.  Then RC, RTM, GA (General Availability)
  • Driven by quality, not by a date
  • Developer Preview will also receive updates
  • Customer Feedback will drive fixes that they make
  •, can download preview, 10PM CST
  • No activation

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