BUILD Conference Notes #2 – Keynote, part II – Building Applications

BUILD conference keynote.  13 Sep 2011, 11:30AM CST.

  • Today

  • Windows 8 platform for Metro apps

  • Windows kernel – brought forward – robust, scalable
  • Windows Runtime – Win RT – APIs
  • WinRT – over 1800 objects
  • Application Model – natively built into Windows; all native code
  • Is .NET Framework gone?  Where does it live in this picture?
  • You pick the language that you want to use
  • Antoine Leblond – building apps

  • New Project, pick language

  • Templates are fully-functioning metro-style apps

  • Adding some HTML5 elements

  • Writing some code (Javascript)

  • Run the app – browser launches

  • Ugh, back to procedural code.  Step backwards, if you talk to a XAML developer

  • Sharing to social network

  • Blend 5 has support for HTML5

  • Using new CSS layout Grid

  • Previewing app at different resolutions and screen orientations

  • 58 lines of code for basic little HTML5 app

  • Packaging app into app store

  • Set price for your app

  • Built-in licensing model, including trialware option
  • App certification process.  Shows you where your app is in the process

  • Technical Compliance – developers can run tests in advance using MS-supplied tools
  • App Store, Spotlight section

  • Games in App Store

  • App Store is itself a metro-style HTML5 app
  • Steven is excited

  • App listing page in App Store

  • What about Win32 apps?
  • Start screen can list Win32 apps as well (e.g. Quicken)

  • Developers are NOT forced to use new Microsoft licensing model
  • Old apps can just be listed in App Store
  • XAML – where does it fit in?
  • Silverlight apps can run in new browser in Windows 8
  • Works the same way as in Windows 7, but not Metro app
  • Converting Silverlight app into Metro-style app
  • Converting from Silverlight environment to Windows 8 – only requires a handful of changes (e.g. namespaces)
  • Ported Silverlight now allows touch, full Metro app.  But it’s still XAML.

  • Change view in XAML to Windows 8 GridView.  Still XAML.
  • And can connect to Search Charm in Windows 8
  • We now can run Silverlight app with new Windows 8 grid view

  • New APIs/tools to build Metro apps
  • Rapid/scalable development
  • Your choice of languages and development tools
  • Apps automatically run on all the hardware that Windows 8 supports

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