BUILD 2012 Notes – Keynote Day 1 – Ballmer

BUILD 2012, Redmond

Keynote Day 1 – Ballmer

30 Oct 2012, 9AM – 11AM


Nice Windows Phone commercial, showing Steve’s phone

Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer



  • Sold conference out in 53 mins
  • “Bigger venue next year”
  • Perfect time to get together
    • Windows 8
    • Windows Phone 8
    • Microsoft Surface
  • “How are they doing”?
    • 4 days after 1st day of sale for Win 8, Surface RT
    • Not huge amount of data, but..
    • Over 3 days, sold 4 million Windows 8 upgrades–individual users
    • Additionally, 10s of millions of units to corporate customers
    • Staples, Dixons – customers excited
    • Long lines at stores
  • What people are saying
    • Microsoft Surface is hot  (CNET)
    • 10 reasons to embrace Windows 8 now (
    • Windows 8 to bridge gap between PC, mobile devices
    • Boldest phone and software design  (Joshua Topolsky)
  • 3 big events since 1980
    • IBM PC
    • Windows 95  (mainstream, Internet)
    • Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8
  • Opportunity has never been better than today


Key Points for Windows 8

  • Best PCs ever made – hardware and software
    • ARM, x86
    • Desktops, laptops, tablets
  • PC and tablet; work and play; keyboard and touch
    • As much innovation in HW form factor as there is individuality in customer base
  • Alive with activity
    • Have built the experience that is essential for this generation
  • Phone is 1st class member of Windows family
    • The phone you want to own, if you own a Windows 8 system
    • 100s of millions of Windows 8 systems sold in next year
    • If you want the best experience with Windows 8, you’ll own Windows Phone 8
    • Killer hardware




These launches kick off the golden age of opportunity for Windows developers

  • Opportunity to build great applications is tremendous
  • Build across form factors–write one modern UI app across all
  • Easy to share code across form factors
  • Same cloud infrastructure across all devices  (SkyDrive w/Microsoft account)
  • Apps you build on Windows platform will be better than any you build elsewhere
  • Application experience is personalized to match each user
  • App is easier to use from discoverability perspective  — users find your app




IE 10 in Windows 8

  • Fast / fluid / touch-optimized
  • Build better web experiences


Demo – Windows 8 on new generation of hardware  (18:10)

  • Steve is doing the demo himself, using his personal account


Giant touchscreen – Perceptive Pixel – 82″ Windows 8 Slate

  • Eventually we’ll have these at reasonable price point


  • SkyDrive allows roaming data across all of your devices
  • Ink annotations in OneNote
  • SEAN: Sure, touch targets in Office are reasonably sized, when you run on an 80″ monitor.  :O)


Dell All in One – XPS One

  • With Intel Core i7
  • Search – no apps results
  • Click on various search targets to see results in each target
  • One search, results across multiple apps
  • Your apps can do this too
  • New Bing app
    • Can do search
    • Can drag to side of screen and tab through various pages, each page opened in IE
  • OOPS: Steve can’t quite grab touch target to move Bing app off screen–takes him 4-5 tries
  • News app
    • Any search term => newspaper format, with multiple stories
    • Can Share from news article, to various apps
    • Send e-mail via sharing, never left News app
  • Change lock screen on All in One; lock screen on large screen automatically updates (roaming)  (28:57)


Windows Phone devices

  • 4.8″ Samsung device
  • HTC phone
  • Nokia phone
    • We see ink annotations on OneNote doc, roamed from SkyDrive
    • Real-time, automatic roaming
  • Asus Vivo, 1.15 lbs detached
  • Screen detaches
  • Can ping something from within app out to Start Screen (e.g. Team in Sports app)
    • Any app can do this–deep links, ability to pin to Start Screen, with live info
    • (34:19)
  • Microsoft Surface
    • PC meets the tablet
    • Office apps built-in
    • Also good for play
    • Built-in: XBox Music
    • With every Windows 8 device, you get free streaming of music
    • Steve asks for song suggestions
    • Someone shouts out “Freebird” and Steve is baffled.  Hasn’t heard of it??
  • Tablet, notebook, or freestanding tablet


  • Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, Intel Atom processor
    • Runs all Win32 apps
    • “Runs absolutely everything”


  • Acer Aspire S7-191
    • Most surprising to people
    • 2.38 lbs, i5 or i7
    • Touch laptops — cool
    • Likely this is what Software Developers will want
    • (42:27)
    • Develop and test on the same machine
  • Showing MSN for Windows 8, web site, optimized for Touch


“We’re all-in with Windows 8”

  • Every group at Microsoft has contributed something
  • E.g. XBox group


Video – XBox control from Windows 8 (44:44)






Steve Guggenheim – Corp Vice President & DPE


  • Spent last 5 years working on Hardware ecosystem
  • HW doesn’t come to life until SW is available
  • Will show some apps that show HW + SW, running on Surface


  • Agent P game
    • Disney brought app to Windows 8 using HTML5 / JavaScript
    • Can plug all kinds of peripherals into hardware
    • E.g. Game controller plugged in via USB
    • Can hook to TV via HDMI out, use game controller
  • Skype demo
    • HTML on front-end, C++ on back-end
    • Dock Skype to side, bring game back up on side screen
    • SEAN: Showing off using Windows to do 2 things at once?  For Windows users, what’s the big deal??


Running on all-in-one, Autodesk application

  • HP Workstation
  • Can lay down, open up case (?!)
  • All existing Win 7 apps just run
  • Autodesk built complementary app
  • Running Autodesk on Sony Vaio
    • Store files on SkyDrive
    • Switch to Sketch application
    • Use pen


  • Back to Phineas/Ferb game, on Windows Phone 8
    • Easy to move between devices


Economics & montenization

  • Use Windows Store engine
  • 70% of revenue goes to you
  • At $25k, you get 80% of revenue
  • In-app advertising and sales


Bing Travel app

  • Ad right in app


Fish with Attitude game

  • Real money, buy treasure in game
  • Payment: Microsoft, PayPal  (commerce engines)
  • Ability to monetize


ESPN app demo – Michael Bayle



ESPN app for Windows 8

  • Today – user access assets via web site
  • ESPN app aggregates all this extra content into one app
  • With pinning, semantic zoom, etc. — personal experience
  • First look at ESPN app



Back to Ballmer


Lots of apps:

  • E.g. SAP (ouch), DropBox
  • Twitter announced that they’ll build Twitter app for Win 8
    • SEAN: Only now??
  • With built-in People app, you can connect directly into certain apps
    • E.g. Facebook, Twitter


Unprecedented market

  • 670 million potential upgrades  (current Win 7 users)
  • 400 million new devices
  • Windows Phone rising
  • Marketing investment


Why write apps for Windows 8?

  • Key: Lot of people will use the app
    • Win 8 takes less resources than Windows 7
  • Predict we’ll see lots of growth & vitality in PC market
    • But even if PC market stays flat, will still be 400 million new devices you can target
  • Windows Phone
    • Small volume player today
    • Most differentiated approach to market
    • Killer hardware
    • Excellent opportunity
    • We will do more marketing and better marketing for Win 8
    • * applause *
  • This is a market (Win 8) that will explode
    • Can do your best work here
    • Can make money
    • Best opportunity for software developers today
  • “We need your support, we need your commitment”
  • For those of you in the room
    • Every BUILD attendee gets
      • 100GB SkyDrive storage for free
      • (Audience lukewarm reaction)
      • Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover
      • SEAN: For drama, he should have taped a Surface to the bottom of each chair
    • Make me two promises
      • Go out and write lots of apps
      • Don’t run out and try to get them right now


Commercial for Windows Phone running



Kevin Gallo – Director of Program Management, Windows Phone



Four topics

  • Introduction to Windows Phone 8
  • How to develop apps
  • New features in Windows Phone 8
  • Advancements in native games


Most personal phone on the market

  • Kevin’s phone
  • What you care about most is front and center on the phone
  • Kid’s Corner
    • Special place for kids
    • You configure it for just the apps that you want them to use
    • “Phone inside of a phone”
    • Customized for the kid
  • Rooms
    • Groups of people, sharing notes, calendar, photos
    • Ideals for families


Windows 8 Developer Platform

  • Reimagined Windows platform
  • The Right platform at the right time
  • New hardware, new UI, common cloud services


New era

  • Ubiquitous mobile devices
  • Experiences transition across many devices
  • (1:18:09)


Announcing the release of the Windows Phone 8 SDK


Build apps that work on both Windows and Windows Phone

  • Shared Windows Core
  • Common API Set on top of that



Demo – Visual Studio

  • App – Picture Sharing
  • 3 projects
    • Win Phone 8
    • Win 8
    • Shared Code – C#, runs on both
  • Old C++ code, wrapped in .NET, with photo filters
  • HyperV-based Windows Phone 8 emulator


  • Easy to integrate code from other sources, e.g. C++


New features on Windows Phone platform

  • You asked, we delivered
  • Lots of new features


New features

  • Easy-to-build fast, fluid, UI
    • Better performance for existing controls
  • Live tiles, lock screen, wallpaper
  • Improved dev center and Store
  • Deeper integration w/phone experiences
    • E.g. lenses
  • Better multitasking
    • Location-based apps in background
  • Advanced networking
    • Bluetooth data transfer
    • Peer networking
    • Proximity connect (NFC)
  • TOTAL: 90% of top dev requests done



Demo – AR drone quad copter

  • Built phone app to control the drone


75% of top grossing apps are games

  • Common gaming platform for Windows
  • High-perf C++ code (e.g. Direct3D)
  • Store is global
  • In-app purchase of consumables (currency) and durables (game levels)
  • More ways to make money
  • Over half of all games using gaming middleware
    • E.g. Unity, Havok, Ogre, etc.



Demo – Unity – Tony Garcia



Unity on Windows Phone 8

  • Scripting engine for building game logic
  • Building game for Win Phone inside of Unity
  • Run scene inside Unity Preview window, for debugging
  • Deploy to Windows Phone
    • Build, creates Windows Phone 8 project
    • Creates Visual Studio project
  • Then run on device
  • Works on Windows 8 tablets as well



Back to Kevin


One more guest on stage – Richard Kerris from Nokia – VP, Global Head of Developer Relations

  • Lumia 920
  • Developers should get this phone first
    • We’ll give you a Nokia Lumia 920
    • Everyone gets one


Reduce registration from $99 to $8, for next 8 days



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