Notes on Office 365 Launch

Office 365 launch.  28 Jun 2011.  Ballmer introducing it, plus a couple demos.

  • Ballmer introducing Office 365
  • Office + Cloud = Collaboration
  • “Office meets the cloud”
  • Office 365 being announced today
  • Collaboration scenarios, target to small businesses

  • Accessing Office 365 using mobile devices, e.g. Windows Phone 7

  • Real-time collaboration–as one user updates, other user sees changes immediately
  • Outlook in Office 365

  • Online Meeting button – automatically sets up online meeting/conference

  • Realtime collaboration in whiteboard

  • Collaboration using SharePoint
  • New SharePoint design surfaces, with Ribbon

  • Service plans for Office 365 – monthly subscription, or connecting existing Office apps to Office 365 service
  • Touting their SLA, but no numbers
  • Example of company planning to host all their documents in Office365
  • $100k/yr savings for sample company
  • Touting – improve collaboration between offices
  • “Global partner ecosystem” – partnering with various partners that already provide SLAs
  • Partner can package Office365 with services that partners already provide to small businesses
  • Our friend Steve

  • “Bring benefits of Office to the cloud”

3 thoughts on “Notes on Office 365 Launch

  1. Did this actually happen today, Sep 13 2011? There doesn’t seem to be an Office 365 session, 9am Central is 7am in Anaheim, and the keynote was more about Windows 8…

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