Microsoft Surface Unboxing

Unboxing a new 64GB Surface tablet from Microsoft.  This is the 64GB Surface with black touch cover, $699.  Microsoft was as good as their word and I received the Surface on 26 Oct, 2012–launch day for Windows 8 and for Surface.  No lines, no waiting.

Fairly attractive box.

Simple branding.

The whole she-bang–a simple black outer sleeve with an inner white box for the Surface.

The inner white box, also with simple branding.

Slide the white box to reveal the touch cover in a little compartment below.

A closer view of the touch cover, with a fairly pleasant black material.

Another view of the touch cover.

Touch cover from the side

Keys on touch cover are slightly raised, but do not click or have any travel.

A closeup of the magnetic connector at the back of the touch cover.

The full touch cover keyboard

Instructions are in tiny little booklet.

Simple and elegant instructions on how to use kickstand and touch cover

Finally, opening the main box

In the box is the Surface tablet and a power supply.

Surface is 12-1/2″ diagonal, in total

On edge

Below the device is another little instruction booklet.

Right edge has speaker, HD video out, USB and connector for power cable.

Connecting the touch cover was simple.  And yes, it did result in a satisfying click.

Another view of the right side of the Surface, including a good view of the kickstand flush against the back of the device

The outside surface of the touch cover is sort of fuzzy.

The magnetic connector for the touch cover

Another view of the touch cover connector

Power supply has folding set of prongs.

Power supply connector on the Surface side is another magnetic connector.

Surface now plugged in

Flipping out the kickstand

Standing on the kickstand, with the touch cover folded up

Side view, kickstand out, touch cover up

Small instruction booklet

Warranty and license junk for Windows (both Windows 8 and Windows RT)

Windows RT instruction manual couldn’t be simpler.

Instructions for the Surface itself, showing the location of various ports

Hardware setup consists of clicking the touch cover onto the Surface.

Software setup consists of pressing power button and following instructions.

Badge with model info is behind the kickstand.

microSD port is behind the kickstand.

View of the edge of touch cover with folded over connector strip

Surface is plugged in and charging.

One final view